“Those Who Love You Don’t Judge You,” they say,

Ms. Nancie Prolyne
2 min readJul 21, 2023


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In the realm of hearts, where shadows play,

A tale unfolds, a truth to convey,

“Those Who Love You Don’t Judge You,” they say,

Yet, judgment’s burden you often lay.

Within the chambers of love’s embrace,

No condemnation,

no harsh disgrace,

But in your gaze,

reflections you trace,

Defining self by others you chase.

A paradox, this human art,

To scrutinize each fragile heart,

When love, a balm to heal each part,

But judgment’s blade can tear apart.

The canvas of souls,

a masterpiece, Brushstrokes of kindness,

pain, and peace,

Yet, you unravel, seeking release,

In the opinions that never cease.

Why do you fear the eyes that see,

The rawest truths, the vulnerability?

For in love’s arms, there’s no decree,

To prove your worth or bend the knee.

Let not the whispers of others’ minds,

Define your worth, constrain the binds,

Your spirit free, like the wind that finds,

It’s way through mountains and the vastest finds.

Embrace the beauty of your soul,

The flaws and strengths that make you whole,

For those who cherish will extol,

The very essence of your role.

Release the chains of judgments past,

And in compassion’s sea, be cast,

To love yourself, your heart steadfast,

And find in love a home to last.

So, heed this wisdom, deep and true,

In love, there lies a broader view,

“To those who love you, you’ll be you,”

And by embracing all, you’ll renew.



Ms. Nancie Prolyne

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