To my unknown Lover,

Wherever you may be,

I send these words to you,

In hopes that they’ll reach you.

You’ve captured my soul,

With just a thought or two,

And now I’m unable to part,

From this love that is so true.

I feel this flame,

Burning bright inside me, anew.

I dream of your touch,

And your soft, gentle kiss,

And the way you love so much,

That I’ll always blissfully miss.

Though you’re still unknown,

I hope that you’ll find me,

And we’ll be together, alone,

With love as our destiny.

So until that day,

I’ll keep sending these words,

Hoping that in some way,

You’ll hear my love that’s absurd.

Yours truly, An Admirer.



Ms. Nancie Prolyne

I am the #PeriodPreacher🩸 || Let’s talk menstruation | Poetry | Travel, Documentaries & Storytelling | Life Inspirations | Books.