Prolyne Nancie
2 min readApr 6, 2022

No More pain

Butterfly butterfly,

open your wings,

fly fly fly

deep far in the clouds.

Fly away gogo

With your hands you fed me.

With your heart you loved me.

In your arms, you embraced me

In your home you welcomed me.

With your eyes, you watched after me.

Willingly defended me.

Even when I was on the wrong side.

Protected me from the chaos

of the world and family.

In your hands, I felt safe.

Grown into the foresight woman

that I am because of you.

My feminist traits bloom from the

lessons I learned at an early age

walking in your traits.

As you steped, I steped

Fly as butterfly

You might have failed me and many others

throughout your journey

Not once or twice but so many times

but you stood still when they all

choose to walk.

In your hands I felt safe.

And for this and everything

I’ll forever be grateful to you

So as you fly away,

to the path considered your

ending by the world.

I pray for your soul

I pray for peace

I pray for forgiveness

I pray for mercy

I pray for love

And finally, I pray for your blessings

In the hearts of your generations that we will be

reminded of your kind doings. In our hearts, you live.

In loving memory of my grandmother who passed away on 6th April 2022.



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