My 2021 Reads

It has not been easy but I am thankful that I made it this far. There was a lot that I enjoyed about reading these books.
The best part was I could imagine myself going anywhere in the world without travelling, which is a beautiful exploration.

It has been a good prompt to seek out books that offered me a glimpse into different perspectives, alternative narratives, and the stories that marginalised voices have to tell.

And I highly recommend taking such an intentional approach if you want to broaden your worldview. Go for books that you enjoy reading and good examples are start with fictional ones because they help keep your creativity intact, stories open your mind and Imaginations. They make you feel part of the characters and understand where the author comes from.

Photo by Suad Kamardeen on Unsplash

I am super proud of myself for doing this even with a tight schedule. I learned how to manage work, personal projects and even relationships. Also, there were days when I did not feel like opening a page but still did because I had a goal in mind and wanted to be better. One of my goals was to better my communications skills and vocabulary, which have been extremely hard for some time but the process has helped ease out things for me.

Going forward, my target this year is to read 25 books in 2022. I am still figuring out a list of the books that I want to enjoy reading this year plus poetry is one of them. Still not yet certain but someone recommended history books which I am still ish about but nothing hurts when we try new things. I know it’s going to be hard but I am willing to try and balance.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Also, looking forward to joining a book club or might actually start my own book club. There’s no doubt that books can open your mind this I know.

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I am the #PeriodPreacher || Let’s talk menstruation | Poetry | Travel, Documentaries & Storytelling | Life Inspirations | Books.

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Prolyne Nancie

Prolyne Nancie

I am the #PeriodPreacher || Let’s talk menstruation | Poetry | Travel, Documentaries & Storytelling | Life Inspirations | Books.

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