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What is loving yourself?

Loving yourself is important, but what does it really mean to love and care for yourself. Self-love means finding peace and comfort within ourselves by being gentle and extra kind towards the feelings that arise inside us. This can be negative or positive feelings. To become mindful of these feelings and allow a friendly space for them, accepting our feelings as they are or come.

Loving yourself means spending time with yourself but also with people who make you happy even when it’s hard. Loving yourself means pushing yourself. Loving yourself means accepting that your journey is different and unique.

Loving yourself means asking yourself the hard questions, What do you want in life? Are you happy? What could make you happier? try to find out what you want in life and what brings you peace.

Have a purpose and align with it. Start a journal, read a book, write, watch new shows something that will make you smile and uphold your mood, take yourself to dates, have a skincare routine, go on hikes, attend events, and network. Give yourself room to grow and fail.

5 Tips On How to cultivate self-love

1. Be Present:

Be present by knowing who you are, by listening to yourself and not what others think or say you are. Allow yourself to feel how you feel without judgment, embrace the negative and positive emotions that you feel at that exact moment.

2. Self Acceptance:

Self-acceptance is greater than self-esteem, and self-acceptance paves the way for self-love. This means honoring and accepting who we are, our shortcomings, our appearance, our mistakes, and our feelings. When you notice the silence and stillness, stay with them and sink into them, through your own eyes you learned what the moon looks like because how could you learn that through the eyes of someone else? What we resist persists.

3. Self-Forgiveness:

This is usually the hardest part for any human being but forgiving yourself means letting go of the feelings and emotions associated with what went wrong. Learning how to forgive is part of understanding what to do to make things right again with yourself. Love is indivisible. It’s difficult to love ourselves when we harbor hatred towards ourselves or other people. Forgiveness paves way for self-love.

4. Gratitude Is A Must:

Gratitude changes everything. Practice self gratitude by looking for things in your life to be grateful for. I started my self-love journey 2 years ago and the first thing I did was download a self gratitude app where I note down every single day things that I am grateful for no matter how big or small they are. This has taught me to appreciate everything in my life and the world. I get to celebrate my wins whoever small they are.

5. Appreciation Is Everything:

This is the foundation of your life, each day take a minute and write three things you did well or qualities about yourself that you or other people appreciate. Appreciating yourself is about consciously acknowledging the positive within you without the need to compare yourself to others.

“You’re either self-appreciating or self-depreciating. There is no middle.” Lana M. H. Wilder

Accept that some days will be harder and some will be smooth. But as long as you give yourself room to feel, to take it easy, to be kind - you will make it through.

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