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I am a Girl, I am a woman, I am Enough💪🏾

For five days, I have been part of an incredible ODSS training by Akili Dada, aimed at strengthening our leadership and organizational management capacities. This intensive training, focusing on Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA), has significantly boosted my confidence in leading teams and sustaining initiatives.

Super Key Highlights:

1. Understanding Donor Motivations and Behaviors: I gained valuable insights into how to connect more deeply with donors by understanding their motivations and behaviors.

2. Implementing Efficient Donor Management Systems: Learning to streamline data and enhance donor engagement through effective donor management systems was a game-changer for me.

3. Understanding Different Leadership Styles:
I discovered how to adapt different leadership styles to effectively manage diverse teams.

4. Mastering Grant Proposal Writing: Enhancing my skills in crafting compelling grant proposals to secure essential funding was one of the most practical takeaways.

My takeaways:

1. Mission-Centric Approach: I now understand that fostering a donor-centric approach not only strengthens donor loyalty but also significantly enhances our fundraising efforts.

2. Friend-Raising in Resource Mobilization: The concept of “friend-raising” highlighted the importance of building and nurturing relationships as a critical aspect of resource mobilization.

3. Empower my team to be better through capacity building.

I am Enough✨

I am excited to implement the new lessons and ideas I learned with my organization www.us4her.com Our goal is to create as much positive impact as possible.

Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts that will highlight the stories of the many incredible women I have had the privilege of meeting and interacting with. These are women who travelled to learn, even bringing their babies along.

It’s amazing to see their dedication and commitment to personal growth and development. I believe the power and influence of women in societies, families, and communities at large is truly incredible to witness. Women are the backbone of so many aspects of our world, and their contributions are invaluable.

I look forward to sharing more inspiring stories and celebrating the amazing women who are making a difference in their communities despite the challenges.



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