“Embracing the Light Within”

Ms. Nancie Prolyne
2 min readJul 13, 2023


In shadows cast by doubts and fears, A journey embarked through misty tears. But in this realm of darkened plight, A glimmer of hope ignites my sight.

Through valleys deep and mountains high, The echoes of a wounded soul sigh. Yet, amidst the chaos that surrounds, A flicker of strength within resounds.

The tempest rages, fierce and wild, Threatening to consume, beguile. But deep within, a fire burns bright, A beacon of resilience, a guiding light.

Beneath the weight of burdens carried, A spirit unbowed, though weary, stays married. For within the depths of a troubled mind, Lie the seeds of healing, waiting to find.

In moments when shadows overpower, And despair seems to tower, Pause, breathe, and look inside, Where solace and courage quietly reside.

Reach out to kindred souls with care, For empathy’s touch can mend and repair. In shared vulnerabilities, we find, That strength lies not in being blind.

From broken fragments, we’ll arise, Like phoenixes, reclaiming skies. Embracing scars, we’ll paint them gold, A testament to the stories untold.

Remember, dear heart, you’re not alone, In this vast universe, we all call home. Through the poetry of healing and art, We’ll stitch together each broken part.

So let us honour our struggles and strife, For they are the tapestry of our life. In embracing the light within our core, We discover the strength to heal and restore.



Ms. Nancie Prolyne

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