PERIOD PREACHER | “Cycles of Empowerment” (Poetry)

Ms. Nancie Prolyne
2 min readJul 13, 2023


In the realm of womanhood’s embrace, A rhythm flows with gentle grace. A tale untold, yet fiercely alive, Of cycles that empower and revive.

With the moon’s dance in the night sky, A sacred tide begins to rise. Menstruation, a journey of wonder, A testament to life’s hidden splendour.

Amidst the crimson flow that unfolds, A symphony of wisdom is told. For within this natural ebb and flow, A woman’s strength begins to glow.

Young maidens, hear this timeless call, As blossoms awaken in springtime’s thrall. Embrace the changes, honour the signs, As your bodies weave life’s intricate designs.

Menstruation, a gateway profound, To womanhood’s secrets, yet to be found. Let knowledge be your guiding light, To demystify this sacred rite.

From cramps and pain to tender care, Understanding and compassion we share. Empowerment blooms when we unite, Shattering taboos with knowledge’s might.

Celebrate the cycle, honour its grace, Embrace the rhythm, and find your own pace. Educate, empower, and advocate, For menstruation’s stigma to abate.

Provide support, a safe embrace, For every girl to freely embrace, Her menstrual journey, sacred and true, With dignity and pride shining through.

Let no shame or silence persist, Menstruation’s power shall persist. Embrace the beauty, embrace the flow, For within it, womanhood’s strength does grow.

In unity, we rise, hearts entwined, and Menstruation’s narrative redefined. With open minds and hearts ablaze, We empower the world, changing our ways.

So let us educate, break the chain, Of myths and misconceptions, we disdain. With knowledge and love, we will impart, Menstruation’s beauty, etched in every heart.

In “Cycles of Empowerment,” we find, The strength within every womankind.

Celebrate, educate, and reclaim, The magic that lies in this sacred domain.



Ms. Nancie Prolyne

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