Love letter

You can not grasp water

but it is inside the soil

you cannot touch the fire

but it is inside the tree

you can not hold the wind

but it is resting on the rock

if you let them be

they exist everywhere

the faint, blue light

make me sigh

my white breath

turned into snow and tears

I could not let them drop and hid themselves

despite knowing that

they will fill up once again.

I am a fool who dares not shed a single tear



None of us are the same

None of us

are the same

We have been through

so much and seen

too much

We want to

survive no


but live

The line between

the past us

and the present us

is thin

but both exist

in us.

Going back

is not optional

for there’s nothing

left not even the ashes

So this is who we are

Who we were born to be

Who we live every day as

Who we are always going to be

And no matter what becomes of us

The monster is born

and the monster must survive



Years of love we

have spent together

in companionship.

Just me and you

beside each other

through this journey

juggling impediments

facing us in every step.

But even with experience,

you have shut me out

like I mean nothing and

locked the door to your heart

and left me out in cold.

You have and still,

keep me out

even when

I know the combinations to

the safe.

So now I know this is life

and we don’t always get

people that we love to love us back.

Sometimes love is not enough to

make anyone stay.




I felt the sun on my face.

The rays on my cheeks

And the warmth of your hand on mine.

Because you held my hand.

I only felt warm inside.

Because of your presence and the sun.

I looked at you.

You looked back at me.

And I closed my eyes.

Shying away from your entangling words.

With a beautiful grin.

I couldn’t stop but smiled back.

Because every time you smile at me.

I smile.

And every time you look at me.

My heart leaps out of my chest.

And lands inside yours.

For you always make me feel special.

I am the luckiest person in the world, I am.




Prolyne Nancie

Prolyne Nancie

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